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How Your Members Benefit

Access to Exclusive Content and Benefits

Assisting Dental Professionals

Member Benefits

Free Critical Date & Risk Assessment (CDRA)

After attending the seminar, your members are encouraged to contact Lewis directly to have their office lease reviewed. Lewis will highlight the key dates dentists need to be aware of and areas where the value of their practice is being negatively affected. Through the CDRA, Lewis will be able to determine the proper next steps.


Discounted Services

How does Lewis make money? Oftentimes, after a dentist attends Lewis’s seminar, they become overwhelmed and worried about their own office lease. Dentists value their time and peace of mind above all else. If a dentist would rather have Lewis step in on their behalf to begin negotiating with their landlord, Lewis will charge a consulting fee. These fees may vary depending on the length and complexity of the negotiations. Members of your organization who attended Lewis’s seminar and want Lewis to negotiate their lease will receive a generous discount on these fees. Members of your organization who would like to use Lewis for other consulting matters will also receive a discount on these services.

* discount to be determined between Lewis and the organization

Free Seminar

Yes, that’s right – Lewis’s seminar is 100% free for your members. Lewis has had a passion for educating since he was a flight instructor at the young age of 19 years old, the value that Lewis brings to the dental community is of no use if it is not being taught directly to dentists. Seminar attendees are, however, encouraged to have their office lease accessible to them during the duration of the seminar.

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